Expert Policy Analysis and Guidance

edCount provides and disseminates expert policy analysis and guidance to states and practitioners via print media and in-person testimonials, as well as by facilitating conversations on these topics in public and private forums.

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Providing Policy-Based Technical Assistance to State and District Leaders

edCount has conducted numerous technical assistance workshops to help state- and district-level administrators understand, implement, and develop responses to national education policy.

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Providing Expert Testimony and Serving On Task Forces

edCount has provided technical advice and testimony to state-level policymakers in Wisconsin, Indiana, Delaware, Florida, and South Carolina to support their efforts to revise their assessment and accountability systems.

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Technical Advisory Committees: Convening, Facilitating, and Participating

edCount has convened assessment technical advisory committees (TACs) for the Puerto Rico Department of Education and the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center. In addition, edCount's CEO and Chief Scientist, Ellen Forte, Ph.D., is a veteran TAC member, currently serving on seven annual and semi-annual TACs.

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