Assessment System Design and Evaluation

Assessment systems only provide meaningful results if they are valid for the purpose for which they are being used. Validity is not determined by a number or by a single study or single type of study. Several pieces of evidence must be taken together to provide support for a valid assessment system. For state and local clients that wish to develop or evaluate and improve their assessment systems, edCount offers a variety of services designed to result in meaningful, actionable information for the stakeholders in the system.

edCount assists state and local clients and partners to design and implement comprehensive assessment systems that embed tests within a larger framework involving instruction, assessment design, administration, scoring, reporting, and use. We assist our clients to develop strategies that are comprehensive and serve the needs of students, teachers, administrators, schools, and districts. We help our partners to interpret evaluation results and consider an appropriate course of action – sometimes the evaluation marks the beginning of the questioning process, rather than the end.