Performance Standards and Indicators

edCount helps clients set, define, and evaluate performance standards to ensure that labels like "proficient" or "effective" are rigorous, meaningful, accurate, and fair. We also assist clients in calculating and interpreting performance based on previously set standards.

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Setting and Calculating Title III Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives

For multiple years, edCount has worked with the state education agencies (SEAs) in Indiana, South Dakota, and Puerto Rico to determine whether they have met their Title III accountability targets

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Bookmark Standard Setting

edCount facilitated the Washington Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction's 2006 standard setting activities for the reading content area in grades 3-5.

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Modified Angoff Standard Setting

As part of our technical assistance to the Laurent Clerc Center at Gallaudet University, edCount organized and facilitated a standard setting study to establish cut scores for the Clerc Center's adopted assessments.

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