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edCount Website Selected for Leader Award


Summit International Awards recently selected the edCount, LLC website for a “Leader Award” in the Summit Emerging Media Award competition. The site was designed by Beth Singer Design, LLC. The Summit Emerging Media Award competition honors those at the forefront of technological evolution in communications. The judges established three levels of recognition: visionary, innovator, and leader. The leader award recognizes work that directs movement and helps to lead the industry, and award winners are considered pacesetters in emerging media. This year's competition included approximately 800 entries from numerous countries for which only 9% earned recognition.

US Department of Education Releases Report by edCount, LLC on English Language Proficiency Standards in Fifty States and DC

On August 29, 2012, the US Department of Education officially released “A Survey of States’ English Language Proficiency Standards,” a report authored by edCount, LLC as part of the National Evaluation of Title III Implementation. The report is based on edCount’s analysis of the content, organization, and structure of the English language proficiency (ELP) standards for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. As required under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, reauthorized as the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB), states’ ELP standards must define expectations for English language proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening in kindergarten through grade 12. Further, these standards are meant to drive English language instruction that supports English learners’ access to curriculum, instruction, and assessment in academic content areas.

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New Publication: US Department of Education Releases Literature Review by edCount, LLC on Programs for ELs

On May 15, 2012, the US Department of Education officially released a literature review conducted by edCount, LLC titled Language Instruction Educational Programs (LIEPs): A Review of the Foundational Literature. The review, part of a larger project titled Language Instruction Educational Programs (LIEPs): Lessons from the Research and Profiles of Promising Programs, examines the research literature on a range of topics that may factor into LIEP design and function, in order to support school districts in their decisions about how to choose appropriate LIEPs for their students' needs.

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Education Consulting Firm Launches New Website

Website Highlights edCount's Expertise and Experience

Washington, D.C. – In less than a decade, edCount has risen to national prominence as a trusted advisor to education agencies and practitioners, a dependable business partner to organizations and businesses, and a visionary thought-leader in connecting education measurement to education practice. Since 2003, edCount has provided direct services to more than 18 states and U.S. territories and has provided advisory services to groups that together include all 57 states and U.S. territories.

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edCount Partners with Education Northwest on Regional Educational Laboratory Northwest's Pursuit of Evidence-Based Decision Making

Firm Will Work With Five-State Network To Improve Graduation Rates, Post-Secondary Readiness, English Learner Education and Overall Equity

Washington, D.C. – edCount, LLC, a research firm dedicated to supporting policy development, program evaluations and assessments, announced today that it will partner with Education Northwest and four other entities to support the Regional Educational Laboratory Northwest's (REL-NW) efforts to provide scientifically valid research and best practices on the region's critical education priorities.

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edCount Partners with ICF International on Regional Educational Laboratory Mid-Atlantic

Firm Will Work With Five-State Network To Improve Teacher Effectiveness

Washington, D.C. – edCount, LLC announced today that it is partnered with ICF International and seven other entities to support the work of the Regional Educational Laboratory Mid-Atlantic (REL Mid-Atlantic) in providing valid research and best practices to help address the region's priorities of dropout prevention, teacher effectiveness, early childhood education, and rural education.

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